Great Alaska Endurance Race

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July 4, 2020

Denali135 Race Schedule

July 3rd 2020 – Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting (With Dinner) at Gakona Lodge at 4pm.

July 4th 2020 – 4:00am start at starting line at Paxson end of Denali Highway.

July 6th 2020 – 4:00am Race Cut-off at finish line at Cantwell end of Denali Highway.

July 6th 2020 – 5:00 pm Post Race Award Dinner at Denali Education Center Sheldon Hall.

July 7th – Check Out of Denali Education Center.

*Runners and crews staying at other nearby lodging can continue on with their own schedule after the post-race award dinner.

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Race Cutoffs

Runners must arrive at the following checkpoints by the times noted to continue the race. 

  • Tangle Lakes Lodge (Mile 20)- Must arrive no later than 10am July 4th
  • McClaren River (Mile 42)- Must arrive no later than 5:30pm July 4th
  • Alpine Creek Lodge (Mile 68)- Must arrive no later than 2:30am July 5th
  • Clearwater Creek Lodge (Mile 82)- Must arrive no later than 7:30am July 5th
  • Brushkana Creek Campground (Mile 104)-Must arrive no later than 4pm July 5th


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Giving Back

Contributing back to the communities where we hold our races is super important to us at Spirit Trips.  In the case of the Denali135, we have chosen to raise awareness and donations for the Denali Education Center who also happens to be graciously allowing us to hold our Denali135 post-race award dinner at their super cool Charles Sheldon Event Center on their campus 15 minutes south from Denali National Park.

The people at The Denali Education Center strive to bring awareness and appreciation for Denali National Park and their programs and outreach range from taking visitors on 2 hour interpretive guided natural history walks to multi day immersive nature programs for youth who without the Denali Education Centers outreach and passion, would never have a chance to experience the wonder of Denali.

Spirit Trips will be donating a portion of each race registration fee to The Denali Education Center and we strongly encourage our runners and their crew & pacers to do donate however they feel they can.

To share the words of Henry David Thoreau…..

  “In Wilderness is the preservation of the World”

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